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In light of current events in the United States, Crime Stoppers of Michigan would like to make all surrounding schools of Southeast Michigan aware of our Program: Project Safe Campus. This program provides students with a way to anonymously submit tips to Crime Stoppers without any risk of being identified. If their tip proves to be actionable, they can receive a reward for their efforts.

With the recent shootings, stabbings, and other crimes committed in schools all over the country, it proves that no place or entity is immune to this type of situation. We would like to provide our services to the schools, to ensure that students and staff feel safer in their places of education or employment.

For the public schools that are within the 7 counties that Crime Stoppers of Michigan operates listed below, we are more than happy to be able to provide a full operating Project Safe Campus program including assemblies, materials, and other PSC related activities at NO cost. All other schools, we would like to still help your schools by providing the necessary information about this program that can be used anywhere!

Crime Stoppers of Michigan currently operates in the following counties:





st. clair



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Project Safe Campus Briefing

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