About Us

Crime Stoppers of Michigan’s program Project Safe Campus is an initiative to develop and implement an anonymous tip line that students can utilize to make them feel safer in the communities. Students are given the ability to report crime that they see in the places that they live, work, and play without being afraid of being identified for reporting.


Project Safe Campus’ mission is to empower students to take an active role in helping to make local neighborhoods and schools safer through anonymous crime reporting. 


Project Safe Campus’ goal is to reduce incidents in and around schools throughout Southeast Michigan while increasing student involvement in doing so. The overall idea is to make the Southeast region of Michigan a better place to live, work, and play in. Project Safe Campus aims to teach social responsibility at a young age, so that students that grow into adulthood have a better understanding of right, wrong, and how to take action.

What We Do

With our anonymous tip program, we empower students to create a safe and secure environment in and around their schools. We also encourage students to do the right thing. Third, we teach young people the importance of social responsibility. Lastly, we educate students about safety and security at school, while engaging them in activities that help them create a culture of safety in and around their campuses.